Have a question? Just email us and we'll be glad to help. We also encourage you to read below our list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS as you may find your answer there!

Q. How does your comp policy for ski trips work?

A. Nothing excites us more then saving our groups $$$! We offer an industry leading 1 Complimentary Vacation Package for every 10 paid guest you bring. Saving you hundreds, possibly THOUSANDS of dollars depending on your group size!

Q. How many people can you accommodate?

A. We can accommodate up to 125+ people or 3 Highway Motor Coaches

Q. What is your cancelation policy for ski trips?

A. Once an initial NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is made to secure your trip dates and bed spots, you have 10 weeks prior to your trip to cancel your reservation without penalty.

Q. What kind of groups do you host?

A. Besides the thousands of high school ski club students we host throughout the winter, we also host a variety of other exciting groups year-round such as hiking groups, high school music ensembles, family reunions, collegiate ski racing teams, High School football from Japan, Collegiate Retreats, Corporate Events, and much more!

Q. What's up with curfews?

A. We certainly do not impose a curfew to ruin fun! We establish a lights out time during our ski trips at approx. 11:00pm each night, so that all our guests can get a great night sleep, and enjoy the slopes the next day, SAFELY!

Q. Do I have to share room?

A. Well, we are a ski dorm!  But to answer your question yes, you will be "bunking" with your fellow classmates.  We never have other groups share rooms with kids from other groups.

Q. Do chaperones sleep in the rooms with kids?

A. Unless requested by a group leader, chaperones sleep in semi-private accommodations with other chaperones.

Q. When is my last payment due?

A. Final payment is due on arrival!

Q. Can I pick the rooms for my group?

A. Our lodge director of operations will coordinate all rooming requests, and is subject to availability. Prior to arrival, our administrative staff will assign your rooms, with the number of beds based upon your final numbers.  We will make every attempt to fulfill any and all special requests.

Q. Do you provide towel or linens?

A. In the winter, we provide all bed linens including one towel per guest!

Q. Do I need a sleeping bag?

A. In the summer and fall months, groups are required to supply their own bed linens and towels.  Although you can always bring whatever comforts of home to make your stay with us more enjoyable.

Q. How many people in a room?

A. Our smaller rooms accommodate 4-6 beds, and our larger rooms can accommodate 8 beds in both our girl's dormitory and boy's dormitory.  Chaperones sleep in rooms of 4-6 beds, with private and semi-private bathrooms. See our accommodations page for more information.

Q. What is your Alcohol, Drugs and smoking policy?

A. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE with our high school and youth groups when it comes to smoking, alcohol and drugs! There are NO EXCEPTIONS! Anyone caught with an illegal substance or underage drinking will be sent home, or reported to local authorities.

Q. What does single-sex dormitories mean?

A. Our dorms are not Co-ed. Meaning, boys have their own dormitory, and girls have their own. The "Golden Rule" at the Round Hearth is boys stay in the boy's dorm, and girls stay in the girl's dorm.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q. How can parents contact their kids?

A. Kids are encouraged to bring cell phones to stay in touch with their parents. However should an emergency arise, or you want to ensure your child arrived safely; parents can contact us at (802) 253-7223 and a member of our staff will assist them with any and all concerns.  If after hours, please leave a message.  We check them frequently, and will return your call as soon as possible.

Q. Do you internet access or a wireless hot-spot?

A. We do have a secure wireless internet server available.