For over 25 years The Round Hearth at Stowe in partnership with Vermont All-Star Football Camps and Stowe Summer Sports Festival has been providing young athletes endless opportunities for their pre-season training.

Our dedicated team oriented facilities and world-class staff provide all of the following:

Safe accommodations, all-you-can-eat home cooked meals to keep your athletes energized and performing at their best, special detail to lined fields and practice space, & much more!

Grady Vigneau, owner of The Round Hearth and now headmaster at Bridgton Academy in Maine, has a long track record of working with young athletes. A former College All-American football player and coach at University of New Hampshire and Boston University; he remains dedicated to keeping our sports programs alive year round in Stowe. Before assuming the position as headmaster at BA, Grady successfully maintained his role as owner and executive director of Vermont All-Star Football Camps.  The senior Grady has passed on the role to his son, Grady III, who has experience coaching and working with baseball from high school and college all the way up to the AAA minor league level.  Grady and Christopher have also worked at the Vermont All-Star Football Camps and has been helping set up and maintain pre-season camps here at The Round Hearth since their high school years, lending a lot of experience to any pre-season camps held here!


Our Rates:

The Round Hearth Lodge at Stowe Pre-Season Camps offer all exclusive meals and lodging packages with an industry BEST 1 Complimentary Package for every 10 paid athletes. That coupled with our great facilities and FUN atmosphere in the serene green mountain backdrop of Stowe, Vermont makes us the #1 choice for your pre-season camp. Our summer calendars are filling in quickly, so please don't hesitate to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

We make fundraising and marketing for your trip fun & affordable for your young athletes!

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Schools we have proudly hosted in the past include...

  • Southington High School, Connecticut
  • Tower Hill School, Delaware
  • Regis College, Massachusetts
  • Windsor High School, Connecticut
  • Marion High School, Massachusetts
  • Somerville High School, Massachusetts
  • Keene High School, New Hampshire

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