Dates: August 2 - 7, 2020

Co-ed for students entering grades 8-12, and graduating H.S. Seniors

Director: Fran Cusick, Head Girls Outdoor Track Coach, Tewksbury Memorial High School

Our great staff of college and prep coaches armed with a leading edge curriculum, will provide you with the insight, technical know-how, and motivation to raise your level of running to a new high. Stowe's marvelous array of challenging off-road terrain is simply the best. You'll learn the most proven training methods and review your progress via digitized videotape analysis. You'll learn Fartlek and interval training using heart rate monitors, pool running, speed development and running form, race rhythm, strategy, and plyometrics.

At Stowe Running Camp, you learn from top college coaches every day! In recent years, we've featured great coaches like Ray Treacy of past NCAA Champion Providence College; Jan and Ed Samuelson, Duke; Jim Boulanger and Bob Hoppler, UNH; Ellen O'Neil and Sandy Ford-Centonze, Dartmouth; Laurie Melnick and John Copeland, URI; Ed Kusiak, UVM; Michael Smith, UNC-Charlotte; Kevin O'Neil, St. Anselm's.

Cross country Campers run and cross-train on Stowe's many backcountry trails, dirt roads, and single track terrain. The Trapp Family Lodge & Smugglers' Notch Resort trail networks offer a special treat and challenge!

At XC Camp, you learn it all

  • "Total Flexibility" Programs
  • Fartlek & Interval Training
  • Running Form & Speed Development Training
  • Water & Pool Training
  • Uphill/Downhill Running Technique
  • Heart Rate Monitor Workouts
  • Plyometrics & other strength training development
  • Race Rhythm & Strategy
  • Video Analysis & Personalized Evaluations

" ... by far the most educational, well organized, integrated, and just plain fun camp my athletes have ever attended. An involved, thoughtful staff, great atmosphere and facilities, excellent variety of terrain - and poster-type scenery that just doesn't quit!"

- Vince Fedor, XC Coach, Dunmore (PA) High School


Note on Camp Tuition & Deposits

At the time of registration a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required per camper. We strongly encourage you to mail or phone in your tuition balance on or before July 1st or you risk having your registration cancelled. Please call if you have questions concerning your tuition charges or your deposit. 

Special Discounts Apply!

  • 5% Team Discounts if 5-9 Athletes from the same team attend camp!
  • 10% Team Discount if 10+ Athletes from the same team attend camp!
  • 10% Sibling Discount for 2nd Sibling, 15% Sibling Discount for 3rd Sibling!


Cancellations strongly effect our camps and are costly because of the implications it has on our staffing and material fees. Tuition charges must be received by July 1st or you risk losing your childs spot in camp. If you cancel your childs registration after all payments have been received, all efforts will be made to mitigate your costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime if you have issues, questions, or concerns regarding our deposit and cancellation policy.


What will my son/daughter learn when attending this camp?

Campers will be exposed to a variety of workouts that address different physiological aspects of their training. While we don't expect a significant training effect from a six-day camp, we hope that the campers will share feedback with their coaches about how each workout affected them.

The bigger picture is that we want to teach each camper about the different aspects of training and racing. We use lectures that reinforce what is being taught in the physical activity. We also hope that we can help foster a love for running and racing; and for learning to work with new people to achieve team success.

What type of activities do you do?

We use tempo runs, fartlek (speed play) runs, interval workouts, uphill/downhill technical training and long aerobic runs. We also incorporate cross training elements such as pool training and strength training.

There is also a personal running form evaluation based upon video of each camper.

For fun and recreation, we have team games, supervised swimming at local natural swimming holes, and music/dancing a couple nights during the week.

What is a typical day at camp like?

We have an early morning optional run, followed by breakfast, our main practice element and then shower and lunch time. We have technical or alternate training in the afternoon, followed by dinner and structured recreational or free time in the evening.

What coaches will my son/daughter work with?

Our staff has been consistently excellent and has included NCAA Division I, II and III coaches, high school coaches and successful club coaches. We also bring in excellent professionals from the world of swimming, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and more.

How will attending this camp help my son/daughter?

This camp fosters growth in all areas of personal development wrapped up with the focus of distance running. We hope to make positive personal connections that help campers become more confident with their training and racing and to have this growth carry over into all aspects of their lives. In fact, the mission that Grady Vigneau has for these camps is exactly why I have stayed involved with this program for so long.

What training methods are used during this camp?

We espouse training methods that follow the traditional "hard, then easy" philosophy of training; however, in order to introduce all of the different workouts and skills, we often have a little more "hard" than "easy". This being said, we balance that by keeping the volume of these more challenging elements to a level that allows all campers the chance to have their bodies to recover for the next days' activities.

We also promote the concept that "Runners Run" so we look to make sure that we promote the idea that for improvement, runners need to be consistent with their running. This being said, we obviously appreciate the positive effect of cross training and look to provide a quality variety of these elements; taught by experts in these areas.

What should my son/daughter do to prepare for camp?

There will be a running log that we expect all campers to keep so that we can evaluate which group is the best fit for them upon arrival. Running 3-6 days a week at a distance that the camper and coach or parent feels is appropriate is also encouraged.

We also expect that campers will arrive with a positive attitude toward learning, and are prepared to have significant amounts of FUN!

If my son/daughter is a novice, should they attend this camp?

We can provide a positive experience for almost any camper, and have had great results in tailoring workouts and training to appropriate levels. It is recommended that all campers be able to run at least 3 miles comfortably, and have done this for 3-4 times per week for the weeks leading up to the camp.

How can I learn more about this sport?

There are many websites dedicated to the sports of Cross Country, Track & Field, and Road Racing. There are also numerous books and articles at your local library. Local high school and university level coaches may also be resources for you. It is important to be fairly familiar with the training history of a runner before attempting to give specific training advice.

Who would you recommend this camp to?

This camp has been enjoyed by distance runners of all levels, and recent attendees have earned scholarships and even one competed in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. We certainly don't guarantee that all will achieve this level, but we feel confident that all campers can learn and have a great time while at the Stowe Summer Sports Festival Cross Country/Distance Running Camp.


The Round Hearth, located on Stowe's famous Mountain Road, serves as host for STOWE RUNNING CAMP.   The "Hearth" is conveniently located adjacent to the Stowe Rec Path and nearby all Ski & XC running venues.  A "college-style" bunk facility specifically designed to host youth programs,  the Round Hearth is ideally configured to maximize your learning and training  -- Our on-site hot tubs,  nearby clear mountain stream swimming holes & open fields, PLUS a "perfect" mountain country location make the “Hearth”  the #1 choice for  your  learning, training -  & FUN!


  • All campers, camp directors, coaches, Certified Athletic Trainer and support staff stay, eat, learn, & have fun on-site at designated Camp HQ!
  • Boys & girls sleep on separate dorm wings featuring bunk rooms of 4-8 beds each.  Each wing features large, modern "college dorm" style baths.  Campers must provide own bedding & towels. We provide pillows & blankets.
  • Our full service cafeteria style kitchen serves healthy "all you can eat!" homecooking(w/ full salad bar & vegetarian options!)
  • Your learning is ensured by Lodge conference rooms equipped with video tape viewing facilities & big screen TV.
  • Lots of outdoor space, cool hot tubs, & mountain stream swimming holes afford plenty
    of refreshing fun!


  • Great fun happens all day long-- on & off the skates, bikes,& practice fields -- at the Stowe Running Camp, including:
  • Delicious Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream “smorgasbords”!
  • Waterfront training - & Fun! - at local VT State Park & famous Stowe Mountain Resort!
  • camper frisbee, volleyball & other fun Challenges!
  • Additional safe supervised dips in SAFE local swimming holes!
  • "bouncy boxing" & "jaunty jousting" fun!
  • barbeque, games & DJ Music "on the lawn" at the Round Hearth!
  • inspiring mountain hikes -- complete with awesome views!
  • “SWIMMING HOLE”, Indoor Pool & Fitness Center, Stowe, VT
  • Stowe's state of the art "SWIMMING HOLE", indoor pool & fitness center, provides key Camp TRAINING & OFF-TIME fun-time activities all week long!