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"As a professional triathlon coach for QT2 Systems, I help coach and lead many training camps around the country for beginners up through full time professional athletes. The Round Hearth is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it. The Round Hearth is an ideal location to host training camps for athletes. They really exceeded my expectations to be honest. From the amazing meals to how easy it was to fill 10 gallon jugs with sports drink (try doing that in a hotel!) to the drop down screen and built in projector for presentations, this place is amazing. To sum it up – if you’re a coach or group leader of a ski group, soccer, run, (insert any other sport) you will be very pleased. The staff are incredible and met every request. The Round Hearth made it easier for me to do my job which is to make my athletes healthier and faster."

John Spinney
Professional Triathlon Coach, QT2 Systems LLC

"Our youth group ski trip has stayed at the Round Hearth at Stowe for the past seven years. Our trip has grown to over 120 students and sells out every year due in large part to the Round Hearth. The kids love the place and the chaperones appreciate the supportive and accommodating staff. I love the ease of it all - one stop shopping - buses, lodging, meals, lift tickets all in one! The safety and security of a "kids only" environment with staff on duty throughout the night even allows us as chaperones to get a good night's sleep. I do not even consider a different location anymore - Grady and the Round Hearth staff make my job so easy!"

Lynn Kenney, Youth Minister
St. Edward Church, Medfield, MA
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As a professional in the field of recreation, I have had the privilege to take many youth groups out on challenging, adventurous and exciting trips. We go on multi-day trips and are always looking for safe and reliable facilities that are run by responsible people who care for youths. The Round Hearth at Stowe and Red Fox Alpine Lodge are two of the best places in terms of meeting my demands. They offer warm and friendly accommodations, professional staff who care about and understand youth, and work very hard to ensure that our stay relaxed and safe. I have been traveling to the Round Hearth & the Fox for many years and will continue to do so for as long as they are open & the kids want to return. I highly recommend both Lodges to anyone that is looking for a top-notch facility to take a group of youth!

Bill Houle, Director Woodridge Lake (CT) Association
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Top Ten (+ 1!) Reasons to go the Round Hearth at Stowe

  1. It is geared to students, especially teenagers
  2. It is structured so that the leaders can sleep at night (the RH Night Manager does the night time monitoring)
  3. Breakfast is great...eggs, bacon or ham, pancakes or french toast, bagels, juice milk... great way to start the day.
  4. Supper is great...a healthy salad bar and a meal geared to teenagers.
  5. The Game Room is a place to have fun in the evening.
  6. The TV room is very cozy
  7. They are right there to help in case of accident or injury on the hill.
  8. The set up, with the dining room, Round Hearth, front desk, Game Room, TV room and the two separate dorms, works great for us.
  9. The skiing at Stowe is fantastic.
  10. The price of the package is very, very reasonable...food, lodging, lift pass, place to hang out in the evening.
  11. They are first class people who are trying to ensure a good safe... teenage overnight experience.

I have been involved in taking school groups to the Round Hearth Inn and the Red Fox Inn for a very long time. We go back year after year quite frankly because: the skiing is great and we can't find a place which better suits our High School Ski Club needs.

Phil German, Group Leader

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"I have been the Faculty Advisor for the Haldane Ski Club for more than thirty years, and have taken our Middle/High School students to ski resorts throughout the northeast. By far our best experiences have been our stays at the Round Hearth at Stowe. This outstanding lodge provides the best in dormitory style accommodations, delicious, plentiful and nutritious meals, and a variety of apre-ski activities all in a wholesome and controlled environment. The administration takes care of chartering our bus and getting our lift tickets, which makes organization of our trips so much easier. The experienced and dedicated staff understands the needs of our young adults and works well with them. It is a relief for the chaperones to be able to get a good night's sleep knowing that the overnight staff supervises the dorm floors, making sure the students are safe and (hopefully) getting some well needed rest. Of course, the skiing and riding at Stowe is among the best anywhere in the Northeast, and our students look forward every year to return to the trails and slopes. I highly recommend the Round Hearth to any youth group wishing for a safe, enjoyable skiing adventure."

Steve Graff, Faculty Advisor
Haldane High School Ski Club
Email: [email protected]