"As a professional triathlon coach for QT2 Systems, I help coach and lead many training camps around the country for beginners up through full time professional athletes. The Round Hearth is absolutely amazing and I highly recommend it. The Round Hearth is an ideal location to host training camps for athletes. They really exceeded my expectations to be honest. From the amazing meals to how easy it was to fill 10 gallon jugs with sports drink (try doing that in a hotel!) to the drop down screen and built in projector for presentations, this place is amazing. To sum it up – if you’re a coach or group leader of a ski group, soccer, run, (insert any other sport) you will be very pleased. The staff are incredible and met every request. The Round Hearth made it easier for me to do my job which is to make my athletes healthier and faster."

John Spinney
Professional Triathlon Coach, QT2 Systems LLC