As a professional in the field of recreation, I have had the privilege to take many youth groups out on challenging, adventurous and exciting trips. We go on multi-day trips and are always looking for safe and reliable facilities that are run by responsible people who care for youths. The Round Hearth at Stowe and Red Fox Alpine Lodge are two of the best places in terms of meeting my demands. They offer warm and friendly accommodations, professional staff who care about and understand youth, and work very hard to ensure that our stay relaxed and safe. I have been traveling to the Round Hearth & the Fox for many years and will continue to do so for as long as they are open & the kids want to return. I highly recommend both Lodges to anyone that is looking for a top-notch facility to take a group of youth!

Bill Houle, Director Woodridge Lake (CT) Association
Email: [email protected]
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